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September 12, 2017

Birthday Parties At Blue Iguana


Not many folks realize both Blue Iguana locations are perfect venues to host parties, especially birthday parties. Aside from our award-winning cuisine, here are 20 facts about Blue Iguana that will make you want to throw your next Birthday Party here!

  1. We host birthday parties all the time. So you could say we’re experienced.
  2. We’re so silly sometimes we paint our faces before of our shifts.
  3. No one knows Cinco de Mayo like we do. In fact, sometimes we celebrate Cinco de Mayo all month long. What better theme for a birthday party?!?
  4. Location location location. Blue Iguana Salt Lake City is located in the heart of downtown SLC, just a short stroll to the Eccles Theater, Capitol Theater, City Creek Shopping Center, Salt Palace, etc. Blue Iguana Park City is conveniently located at the top of Historic Main Street.
  5. Both locations offer spacious & lively atmospheres, perfect for large groups.
  6. Both locations offer shaded outdoor patios in the warmer months.
  7. “The Blue Iguana experience” is so authentic it wins awards.
  8. Locally owned & operated.
  9. Both locations are open 7 days.
  10. Both locations offer full drink menus including cocktails, wine & beer.
  11. We love to decorate.
  12. Both locations offer free, password protected WiFi.
  13. Because you know you’ll end up eating Mexican at some point.
  14. Margaritas & birthdays go hand in hand (or margaritas go in hand on birthdays, either way works for us).
  15. We serve 10 different types of tequila.
  16. Because there’s no cake like tres leches cake.
  17. Piñatas (enough said).
  18. Just think about how cultured you’ll feel when we sing Happy Birthday in Spanish!
  19. Party goers get to eat Mexican. The entire party goes home happy.
  20. You could celebrate your 21st birthday on a Tuesday with two tacos and a tostada plus an iguana-rita or shot of tequila topped off with a tres leches cake and that has a lot of T’s which is kind of cool (okay that’s a stretch but you get the point).
  21. You never know who will show up to wish you Happy Birthday! Perhaps these two.

Book your Birthday Party at Blue Iguana today by emailing Kris at biguana(at)aol(dot)com. For location-specific information, please visit our locations page at

Feliz Cumpleanos!

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