New Airport Location Now Open!

Authentic Mexican Food in SLC’s International Airport

Blue Iguana has made its grand debut at Salt Lake City’s International Airport, offering travelers an exciting opportunity to savor authentic Mexican cuisine while on the go. Nestled within Delta’s new terminal, A-East, Blue Iguana has been serving up tasty, genuine Mexican dishes for both locals and those visiting Utah since 1997. Known for our rich selection of house made sauces, guacamole, and salsa, we’ll be serving mouth-watering burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and even breakfast. So, next time you find yourself at Salt Lake City’s International Airport, make sure to visit Blue Iguana and get a taste of Mexico before your flight.

Street Pricing at Our Airport Location

The new SLC Airport has a mix of food and shops, including local, regional, and national options. They’ve made the shopping and eating experience simple for travelers by using street pricing in the restaurants and stores. This allows patrons to pay the same prices as they would outside the airport, offering a straightforward experience for all visitors.

A Culinary Journey Takes Flight at SLC Airport

Blue Iguana is thrilled to bring the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine to the SLC airport, making it accessible to travelers from all walks of life. Our team is excited to share our love for authentic Mexican dishes with a broader audience, creating a culinary experience that transcends borders. From our tantalizing quesadillas to mouthwatering enchiladas, and flavorful tacos, we can’t wait to introduce the world to the diverse and delectable world of Mexican food.

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